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Khurram S.
Editor or Photographer ID:
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"Revamp your YouTube videos and vlogs with expert video editing services. Elevate your content through seamless transitions and captivating effects. Whether you're a vlogger or content creator, let me enhance your videos professionally. Ready to elevate your content? Contact me now for personalized editing solutions."


"With 3.5 years of professional video editing experience, I bring a deep passion and motivation to every project. My expertise extends to various video types, including YouTube videos, vlogs, music videos, Facebook/Instagram ads, gaming videos, and more.
Services I offer:
• YouTube video editing
• Vlog video editing
• Music video editing
• Facebook/Instagram Ads
• Vlog Intro/Outro creation
• Gaming video editing
• Lyrics Animation
• Text Animation
• Professional Color Grading/Color Correction
• High-quality Sound Designing/Mixing
• Crispy Motion Graphics
I use industry-standard software, including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Audition, ensuring top-notch results. My edits are not only fast but also of the highest quality.
The key to achieving exceptional edits lies in comprehensive details. Feel free to message me before placing your order, and let's bring your vision to life together. Don't wait—elevate your content now!"

This Is What I Offer In My Editing Packages:

Basic HD Package #7 - Elevate Your Content!
Experience basic yet high quality edits with a swift 3-day delivery and the flexibility of 1 revision. This package includes:
• Up to 30 minutes of provided footage
• Up to 5 minutes of running time
• Expert color grading for a polished look
• Impeccable sound design and mixing
• Engaging motion graphics to enhance visual appeal
Choose this package for a seamless blend of quality and efficiency. Let's transform your content together! Order now to bring your vision to life."

Standard HD Package #8 - Elevate Your Content to the Next Level!
Experience professional editing with royalty-free music, ensuring a polished and engaging final product. This comprehensive package includes:
• Up to 45 minutes of provided footage
• Up to 10 minutes of running time
• Expert color grading for a cinematic touch
• Meticulous sound design and mixing
• Engaging motion graphics to captivate your audience
Benefit from a 5-day delivery and enjoy the flexibility of 2 revisions. Let's create something extraordinary together! Order now and give your content the professional touch it deserves."

Premium HD Package #9 - Elevate Your Vision to Perfection!
Embark on a premium video editing experience with exclusive features tailored to meet your highest expectations. This package includes:
• Up to 75 minutes of provided footage
• Up to 15 minutes of running time
• Expert color grading for a cinematic masterpiece
• Impeccable sound design and mixing
• Captivating motion graphics that set your content apart
To ensure your project aligns perfectly with your vision, I encourage you to reach out before placing an order. With a 7-day delivery window and the luxury of 3 revisions, I’m committed to delivering excellence.


Before placing your order, please contact TPA at to confirm availability due to high demand. For prompt and accurate responses, include the editor's ID number in the subject line.
Thank you,
The Photography Agency

Meet Up Place:



Los Angeles

Zip Code:




TPA Packages I Offer:

Editor Packages: Pkg #7, Pkg #8 & Pkg #9

Equipment Used:

Depends On Project

Payment Methods:

PHOTOGRAPHY: Online Deposit: Initial payment. Remaining Balance: Paid at the event.

EDITING: Payment: Full upfront

PayPal, Visa, Master Card.

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