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Nemanja B.
Editor or Photographer ID:
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"Hello! I'm Nemanja, a highly passionate video editor with a rich background of over 5 years in the industry. Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of collaborating with creative agencies, motion design studios, and startups. This diverse experience has allowed me to hone my skills and bring a unique perspective to every project. I'm excited about the opportunity to bring creativity and expertise to your next endeavor."


"I find immense joy in collaborating with new individuals and bringing their ideas to life. If you're seeking a reliable and skilled video editor who can elevate your project to new heights, look no further—I'm here and eager to assist.
I'm enthusiastic about connecting with you and transforming your vision into stunning visuals. Let's work together to create something truly remarkable!"

This Is What I Offer In My Editing Packages:

Basic HD Package #7 - Elevate Your Short Content in Style!
• Up to 1 minute in length
• A simple yet captivating edit featuring music and player indicator
• Swift 2-day delivery
• Enjoy the flexibility of 3 revisions
• Provide up to 30 minutes of footage for a personalized touch
• Expert color grading for a polished look
• Meticulous sound design and mixing
• Engaging motion graphics to enhance visual appeal
Let's transform your short content into a visual masterpiece. Order now and experience the perfect blend of efficiency and creativity!"

Standard HD Package #8 - Elevate Your Content with Style and Precision!
• Up to 5 minutes in length
• Inclusive of music, a captivating intro, seamless transitions, player indicator, and text elements
• Swift 2-day delivery for a quick turnaround
• Enjoy the flexibility of 6 revisions
• Provide up to 30 minutes of footage to tailor the edit to your vision
• Expert color grading for a cinematic touch
• Meticulous sound design and mixing
• Engaging motion graphics to captivate your audience
Let's bring your content to life with a perfect blend of creativity and efficiency. Order now for a comprehensive editing experience!"

VIP/CUSTOM HD Package #10 - Elevate Your Project with Exclusive Benefits!
• VIP Priority for expedited service
• Lightning-fast 1-day delivery for your urgent needs
• Unlimited revisions to ensure your vision is perfected
• Provide up to 30 minutes of footage for a personalized touch
• Up to 5 minutes of running time for a concise yet impactful edit
• Expert color grading for a premium aesthetic
• Meticulous sound design and mixing for optimal audio experience
• Engaging motion graphics to add a touch of sophistication
Experience the epitome of personalized service and swift delivery. Let's make your project extraordinary! Order now for the VIP treatment."


Before placing your order, please contact TPA at to confirm availability due to high demand. For prompt and accurate responses, include the editor's ID number in the subject line.
Thank you,
The Photography Agency

Meet Up Place:



Los Angeles

Zip Code:




TPA Packages I Offer:

Editor Packages: Pkg #7, Pkg #8 & Pkg #10

Equipment Used:

Depends On Project

Payment Methods:

PHOTOGRAPHY: Online Deposit: Initial payment. Remaining Balance: Paid at the event.

EDITING: Payment: Full upfront

PayPal, Visa, Master Card.

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