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Aug 16 — Male model needed for Outdoor Apparel company (Hollywood)

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compensation: hourly rate + free gear

Shoot date: Aug 16, 1pm — 2 hours needed. 

One model needed for an upcoming shoot for a new outdoor apparel company designed in Los Angeles. This is for product shots for three bags and a few t-shirts.

------- Man ------- - Fit, outdoor, adventurous - Gnarly vibe, preferably with cauliflower ear and/or missing a tooth and/or scars. Wrestlers, hockey, rugby and jiu-jitsu players welcome!! - Tattoos are a ok, but only rad punk rock tattoos, no self-affirmations. Maybe a designer sleeve but would need to be super rad - If you have weathered hands and sun lines, even better, looking for a real dude, not a manicured sissy - If you build things for a living, that would make us really happy, because that comes through in photographs - Age range 25-40

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