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Cigarette Smokers for Testimonial (Los Angeles)

compensation: $750/day for 2 day shoot ($1500 Total)

Are you a SMOKER?

We are casting real people to share their stories about how nicotine cravings affect their lives and want to cut back on smoking. You must be willing to try nicotine gum and share if/how it helps.

RATE: $750/day for a 2 day shoot ($1500 Total)

You must be comfortable talking on camera about smoking and nicotine cravings.

If you are interested in sharing your story, email ASAP:

NAME/AGE CITY/STATE PHONE/EMAIL RECENT PHOTO Are you currently a smoker? Have you tried nicotine gum in the past? Would you be willing to try nicotine gum to help with cravings?

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